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YARKYFEST, summer architecture festival at Yarky, the new St Petersburg space

St.Petersburg | 07.04.2014
Project Baltia and art hostel Yarky announce an open international competition to design a summer residential module as part of the first YARKYFEST summer architecture festival. The five winning projects will be realized at Yarky by August 2nd, 2014.

Competiotion format
International, open and anonymous


Project Baltia magazine and Yarky Hostel & Space (hereinafter the Hostel) announce the Open International Competition for the Design of Summer Residential Unit (hereinafter the Competition). Five winning projects will be implemented on the territory of the Hostel by August 2, 2014. The units should enable temporary accommodation for one or two persons. Functions of these units are similar to those of a hotel room. 

Architects and designers from Russia and abroad are invited to take part in the Competition. Project teams must not consist of more than 4 participants under the age of 35 years (inclusive).

Competition stages:
The competition has two stages. During stage 1 the Expert Council shortlists 10 best projects. The authors will be asked to modify their projects in accordance with the requirements and comments, received from the Expert Council. During stage 2 best 5 projects will be implemented on the Hostel territory.

April 7 – June 1, 2014
Registration (Application for participation), consultation with the organisers (by e-mail: competitions@projectbaltia.com).

Until June 10, 2014 (inclusive)
Competition Entry Submission

June 10 – 13
Consideration of the projects by the expert council, shortlisting.

June 14–20
Elaboration of the shortlisted projects by the participants.

June 20 – July  1
Work of the Jury and selection of the five winners.

July 1
Resuming the Competition projects, invitation of the winning teams.

July 1
Winning teams arrive.

July 1
Start of the construction, participation in the YARKYFEST festival.

August  2
Presentation of projects and closing ceremony of YARKYFEST

August 3
Departure of the participants and end of the festival

Application form (individual)
Application form (group)
Download requirements specification
Download photos of the site
Download masterplan for the site

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We look for visionary proposals working at the intersection of architecture, computation and biology to re-define the Paljassaare Peninsula as a new urban prototype for the city of Tallinn.

The programme for November 30th, the last day of the exhibition for Platforma, the competition organized by Project Baltia, LSR Group, and the New Stage of the Aleksandrinsky Theatre, featured lectures by members of the competition jury. The speakers were architects Jeroen Schipper (Rotterdam), Kimmo Lintula (Helsinki), Ruben Arkelyan (Moscow), and Maurice Nio (Rotterdam). Project Baltia’s correspondent managed to talk to Maurice Nio, an architect who is often called architecture’s artist and poet.