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The NORDIC WOOD festival of wooden architecture is coming to Moscow

Moscow | 15.03.2013
Between March 15th and March 27th 2013 the Central House of Architects will host the NORDIC WOOD festival of wooden architecture where the most interesting examples of wooden architecture in Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Russia will be on display. The festival is being produced by the nationwide ARCHIWOOD project.

The programme of the NORDIC WOOD festival is aimed not just at professionals but also at interested amateurs with a passion for architecture, design and photography.

The main event of the festival is the photographic exhibition. Works by recent winners and runners-up of prizes for wooden architecture from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Russia will be on show, along with other works by architects building in wood from these countries.

The events space at the Central House of Architects – an exhibition hall which for many years was closed to the public – will be brought back into use for NORDIC WOOD. The exhibition was designed by architects Nikita Asadov and Yelizaveta Fonskaya (MADETOGETHER). The curators are Vladimir Frolov, Maria Fadeyeva, Yulia Zinkevich and Nikolai Malinin.

The exhibition will be launched with a round-table discussion, during which architects and organizers of the prizes in the seven countries represented will discuss current trends in wooden architecture – those common to all countries and unique to each region.

On March 16th on lecture Saturday at the Central House of Architects there will be master classes by architects from well-known firms – Norway’s Helen &Hard, Denmark’s AART and more besides.

On World Forestry Day on March 21st the festival will screen the premier of a new lecture, to be introduced by its maker, historian of Moscow Denis Romodin: ‘Wooden architecture in Soviet cinema and animation: from every day life to romance’.

The organizers haven’t forgotten the younger generation. March 23rd is Children’s Saturday. Between 11.00 and 18.00 on this day NORDIC WOOD invites children to take part in master-classes run by the Moscow Architects’ Union’s Children’s Studio of Creativity. While their parents walk round the exhibition and leaf through books on architecture in our ‘library’ the children will be able to enjoy themselves drawing, dreaming up their own buildings out of sweets and building log cabins out of cardboard that almost look like the real thing. The day will be rounded off with a show with audience participation based on Tove Jansson’s books from Samokat.

Invitees and participants include:

Olavi Koponen, architect,  r2k-architecterecipient of the 2007 prize (Finland);

Reinhard Kropf,  Helen & Hard, winner of Treprisen 2011 (Norway);

Bengt Carlsson, Meter Arkitektur AB, Winner of the Trapriset 2012 (Sweden);

Jesper Hallstrøm of AART (Denmark);

Aasmund Bunkholt, organiser of the Treprisen prize (Norway); 

Eric Konze,  Estonian Timber Architecture Award competition coordinator (Estonia);

Peteris Bajars, architect and organiser of Latvijas koka arhitekturas Gada balva (Latvia);

As well as Russian architects working in wood: Totan Kuzembayev, Alexander Brodsky, Yury Grigoryan, Dmitry Dolgoi, Boris Bernaskoni, Pyotr Kostelov, Nikolai Belousov and more besides.

The team behind the project:

Producer: Yulia Zinkevich (head of the ARCHIWOOD project).

Joint curators: Vladimir Frolov («Project Baltia»), Maria Fadeyeva («Vedomosti, Pyatnitsa supplement», MARSH school), Nikolai Malinin (curator of ARCHIWOOD).

Design: Nikita Asadov, Yelizaveta Fonskaya (MADETOGETHER).

Infographics: Filipp Kats

Graphic design: Yelena Bovicheva («Project Baltia»)

Translation into English: Edmund Harris

This event is an ARCHIWOOD production.


  • Main partner: HONKA (Rossa Rakene SPb.)
  •  Co-organiser and media relations: «Pravila Obshcheniya».
  • Co-organiser, information provider and graphic design: «Project Baltia» magazine
  • The Moscow Architects’ Union
  • The Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in the Russian Federation
  • Velsky Les glue-laminated products
  • Design Boom
  • Whitehall wine and spirits imports
  • Samokat publishers

 The exhibition runs March 16th-27th

 Address: The Central House of Architects, 7/9 Granatny Pereulok, Moscow

 For more information please contact:

Taya Marakhovskaya, «Pravila Obshcheniya»

T: +7 495 626-2002; M: +7 915 003 7945;



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