PROJECT BALTIA lecture programme

Ever since the presentation of its first issue, PROJECT BALTIA has been more than just a magazine, but an active organizer of all kinds of events for architects and designers as well.

Lectures and discussions are a format that allows our audience to keep track of trends in contemporary architecture, the achievements of foreign colleagues, and developments in new materials and technologies.

PROJECT BALTIA’s lecturers are leading architects, designers, and critics from Russia, the Baltic region, and Europe. Previous speakers have included Martin Rein-Cano (Germany), Wolfgang Kil (Germany), Nikolay Lyzlov (Moscow), Sergey Skuratov (Moscow), Nikita Yaveyn (St Petersburg), Martin Aunin (Estonia), Andis Silis (Latvia), Tomas Grunskis (Lithuania), Tom Cerderquist (Finland), Ilkka Suppanen (Finland), Pekka Helin (Finland), Ville Hara (Finland), Michael Sсhindhelm (Germany), Mikhail Khazanov (Russia), Volkwin Marg (Germany), Magnus Mansson (Sweden) and others.

Our lecture programme is an educational project targeted at the architectural community. Each event is supported by a partner company interested in specialists who are trying to improve the quality of the services they provide. The audience, usually between 60 and 100 persons, consists of architects and designers who are intent on career growth and are receptive to new tendencies in design and planning.

The discussions and round tables organized by PROJECT BALTIA have become an effective forum in which architects and suppliers of servicers to architects can talk to one another.

Readers of PROJECT BALTIA have the opportunity to see highlights of our discussions on our website or in the magazine itself (where we also publish articles on our partner companies).

At a conference, taking place in Tallinn on April 21-22, architecture’s turn to nature and data will be explored from political and historical perspectives. Keynote speakers are Matthew Gandy and Douglas Spencer from the UK. The conference is organised by the
Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia in cooperation with the Department of Geography, Cambridge University, UK. The event is open to the public.

On May 15th Nikolay Polissky, Russia’s best-known land-art artist, gave a lecture entitled ‘Art Kolkhoz’ in the Pavilion at Novaya Gollandiya, as part of the Genius Loci series of talks organized by Project Batlia and the ‘Novaya Gollandiya: cultural urbanization’ project. Marina Nikiforova talked to Nikolay Polissky about the nature of art and his work with the farmworkers in the village of Nikola-Lenivets.

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