The YARKYFEST Architecture festival is set aside till spring 2015

St.Petersburg | 07.08.2014
The YARKYFEST Architecture Festival, which was to be held in September-October 2014, by the decision of the customer is set aside till spring-summer 2015. The concept and the format of the festival remain the same. In the nearest time the results of an open international competition for the summer residential unit design will be summed up. The deadline of applying for theatre and architecture workshop curated by Finnish artist and architect Marco Casagrande and stage director from St. Petersburg Maxim Didenko is prolonged till March 2015.


In the short term the second stage of an open international competition will be completed.  The international jury headed by a renowned Marco Casagrande selects five winning projects which will be implemented at the territory of YARKY Hostel & Space. Modules will be built by the participants of the festival together with professional constructors.

We also remind you that within the frame of the festival organizers will hold a theatre and architecture workshop, curated by Finnish architect and artist Marco Casagrande and theater director and actor – Maxim Didenko (St. Petersburg). In the course of the workshop stage sets will be designed for the future perfomance, the premiere of which will take place at the closing ceremony of the festival on October 4th. The workshop will allow its participants to consider carefully the nature of interaction between theater and architecture, as well as to obtain interdisciplinary work experience under the guidance of professionals. As a part of the workshop, organizers are going to hold lectures and master classes of various specialists: architecture critics, theater directors and stage decorators. Among invited guest lecturers: Brian Hatton, associate professor of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and a famous film director Alexander Sokurov.

Application conditions 
Actors and architects as well as stage decorators and designers are invited to take part in the workshop. Applicants must be under the age of 30 years (inclusive). To apply you must submit a portfolio and cover letter to email address: till the 1st of March 2015. The final list of 12 participants will be announced on March the 8th . To participate in the workshop you should have knowledge of English. Participants can stay at the territory of the YARKY Hostel & Space.

Requirements for the portfolio: 
1. Portfolio in Russian and English must contain a brief biographical sketch (name, date of birth, information about education and work experience), a photograph, an illustrated presentation of completed projects.
2. Cover letter must be written in Russian and English (no more than 750 words).

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Curators of theatre and architecture workshop at festival YARKYFEST

Marco Casagrande – Finnish architect, landscape designer and social theorist, head of the international architecture and art studio Casagrande Laboratory (since 2003). Works at the edge of architecture, ecology, landscape and environmental design. Multidisciplinary approach allows him to observe human environment as an interaction of social and environmental aspects. For years Casagrande has taught at several universities, including the University of Tokyo, Bergen School of Architecture, Helsinki University of Art and Design (now part of the University of Aalto). Currently he heads an independent interdisciplinary research center Ruin Academy in Taipei. Marco Casagrande is the winner of numerous of architecture awards; his works were exhibited three times at Venice Architecture Biennale (2000, 2004 and 2006), as well as at the Biennale in Florence (2001), London Architecture Biennale (2004), Victoria and Albert Museum (2010) and Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing) (2014).

Maxim Didenko – actor and theater director. Since the mid 90s he actively began seeking experimental theatrical forms, trying himself in different fields: dance, mime, clowning, drama not only as an actor but also as a theater director. After getting complete higher education as a drama actor and director (Omsk State University; St. Petersburg State Theater and Arts Academy (Course of G. Kozlov) Didenko continued working in the field of alternative theater. From 2004 till 2009 he was a member of the DEREVO theater (St. Petersburg – Dresden), where he was working at the edge of different movements such as dance, clowning, commedia dell’arte, physical theater. Since 2007 he has begun an active cooperation with Russian Engineering Theatre AKHE, also engaged in teaching activities and his own theater projects. Currently Maxim Didenko is concentrated on directing and teaching. He works in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Brazil.


Brian Hatton – architecture historian and critic, an associate professor of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), visiting professor at the University of Brighton. Area of research interests: interaction of art and architecture. By studying these areas, the scientist had especially emphasized their interdependence (lectures at the Architectural Association (London) 1983). Author of numerous articles about architecture and art in such publications as Architectural Review, Architectural Association, AA Files, Architectural Research Quarterly, etc. The author of works about Dan Graham, Cedric Price, Zaha Hadid, Langlands & Bell, team – mate and researcher of architectural group NATo (Narrative Architecture Today). 


Venue: YARKY Hostel & Space, that will be opened in autumn 2014 (pr. Engelsa 3B)
Organizers: Project Baltia magazine and YARKY Hostel & Space.

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