In St Petersburg the participants of the ‘Transforming the grey belt’ invited international competition were shortlisted

Saint Petersburg | 06.05.2016
The Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of St. Petersburg holds the international architectural and planning competition focusing on the Concept of transformation of the Southern part of the territory of a historical industrial/residential territory, so called "gray belt" of St. Petersburg.

The list of participants were chosen by the members of jury and experts of the competition, and includes 9 architectural bureaus. Here is the shortlist, ranged according to the number of gained points.

"Maccreanor Lavington Architects – MLA+", Rotterdam, Holland;

Architectural bureau "Studio 44", St. Petersburg, Russia;

"Transborder Studio", Oslo, Norway;

Architectural bureau "Rozhdestvenka", Moscow, Russia;

"Helin & Co", Helsinki, Finland;

Architectural bureau "Zemtsov, Kondiayn and Partners", St. Petersburg, Russia;

Consortium of three architectural workshops: "Evgeny Gerasimov and partners" St. Petersburg, Russia; Sergey Choban SPeeCH, Moscow, Russia; nps tchoban voss, Berlin, Germany;

TPO "Reserve", Moscow, Russia;

Architectural bureau "Yauza project", Moscow, Russia.

Under the terms of a competition, each of nine collectives, which have passed through the qualification, are asked to offer the concept of spatial development of the territory of a scale about 4, 000 hectares. The territory is bordered in the West by the Ekateringofka river and by Neva river in the East, by Obvodny Canal in the North and by the residential mikrodistrics areas in the South. Selected bureaus should illustrate possibilities of implementation of the concept on the example of transformation of one of the "pilot" territories.

The study seminar for participants of the competition will be organized on May 17th. During the seminar representatives of architectural bureaus will visit the plots and meet experts.

At 17:00 in Committee the press conference will be arranged, in order to announce the results ща distribution of pilot territories among the participants.

Experts of the competition:

R. A. Terteryan, expert on development of transport infrastructure – the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution Center of Transport Planning of St. Petersburg;

A.G. Leontyev, the expert on protection of cultural heritage – the first deputy of Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks;

V. K. Linov, expert on town-planning questions – the Associate professor of SPb of GASU, the honored architect of the Russian Federation

N. P. Pashkov, expert on the market of real estate – the CEO of Knight Frank.


The Jury:

The chairman of the Jury is

V. A. Grigoriev, chairman of Committee of town planning and architecture – chief architect of St. Petersburg;

E. V. Ulyanova, chairman of the Committee on economic policy and strategic planning of St. Petersburg;

O. S. Romanov, president of The St. Petersburg Union of architects;

V. V. Popov, the honorary president of The St. Petersburg Union of architects;

Kaarin Taipale, an urban researcher PhD of Urban Studies (Finland);

Yu. K. Bakey, director and chief town-planner at State Research and Design Center for St. Peterburg Master-plan;

Bart Goldhoorn, co-owner of "Project.Russia ", "Project.International", and "Project.Baltia" magazines;

O. A. Kharchenko, head of "Urbis-SPb" architectural bureau;

Magnus Monsson, the director of Semrén & Månsson (Sweden);

S. O. Kuznetsov, the chief architect of Moscow;

M. A. Mamoshin, head of "Architectural workshop of Mamoshin" bureau, St Petersburg.


Consultant of a competition: V. V. Frolov, Project Baltic magazine, Editor-in-Chief.


The responsible secretary of a competition: Anna Magomedovna Katkhanova

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