Open international design competition for an architectural design of the historic and cultural complex in Kaliningrad

On behalf of the Kaliningrad Region Government and with assistance of the Kaliningrad City Administration, the Non-Profit Partnership ”Urban Planning Bureau ”Heart of the City” launches an open international architectural design competition for an architectural design of the Governmental historic and cultural complex on the grounds of the former order castle Königsberg in Kaliningrad (“Post-castle”, 4,5 ha).


28 May 2015 – Registration Deadline

28 August 2015 – Submission Deadline


-Finding a contemporary architectural image of the historic centre of Kaliningrad in view of the historical and cultural potential of the place;
-Accommodation of new functions (multifunctional concert hall, museum of archaeology, museum of the King’s castle history);
-Creating a new silhouette panorama of the historic centre of the city, including the building of the former House of Soviets.

The competition area is situated in the location that is of a key importance for history of the former Königsberg, the former East Prussia and contemporary Kaliningrad. It has a strategic role for the development of a new image for the central part as well as for the whole city and Kaliningrad region.

The future Governmental historic and cultural complex to be located on the grounds of the former castle Königsberg, in the immediate vicinity of the House of Soviets, should become a landmark of the new centre of Kaliningrad.

Total prize fund: 4 100 000 RUB

First prize: 2 000 000 RUB.

Among the professional part of the competition jury members are Bart Goldhoorn, Hans Stimmann, Christian Devillers, Yury Avvakumov and others.

The political part of jury members include: Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Nikolay Tsukanov, Kaliningrad City Mayor Alexander Yaroshuk, Chairwoman of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma Marina Orgeeva and the Chairman of the City Council of Deputies Andrey Kropotkin.


For detailed information about participation please visit the Project’s website

Executive Secretary of the Competition, mob.
+7 967 351 30 70, office: +7(4012) 53 61 47,

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