The YARKYFEST Architecture Festival: open call for participation in architecture and theatre workshop

From the 20th of September till the 4th of October St. Petersburg will host the first Architecture Festival YARKYFEST. The festival involves the implementation of 5 winning projects chosen by the jury of an open international competition for the summer residential unit design as well as a theatre and architecture workshop curated by Finnish artist and architect Marco Casagrande and stage director from St. Petersburg Maxim Didenko.
Venue: YARKY hostel and space (Engelsa pr.3, B)
Organizers: Project Baltia magazine and YARKY Hostel & Space.


The Open Competition of Draft Innovative Designs of Preschool Education Organizations for the Far North and Far East Russian was officially launched within the framework of Innovative Development of Preschool Education Project in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The Open All-Russian Competition with International Participation for the Best Architectural and Urban Planning Concept of the Museum of Science and Technology in the City of Tomsk.

The goal of the competition is to develop a new concept of Museum of Science and Technology in the city of Tomsk that must be the modern scientific, cultural and educational center. The Museum is located close to the coastline of the Tom River and the park area of the Mavlyukeevskoye Lake.

We need a Guggenheim and a good one

The long-awaited architectural competition for the new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki is now open. The organizer, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, expects more than 1000 entries from all over the world. The idea of building a Guggenheim museum on this site in the centre of Helsinki has proved controversial with experts and the general public alike, but the competition has every chance of producing an interesting result. This is what Panu Lehtovuori, the member of Project Baltia editorial board is absolutely sure about.

YARKYFEST, summer architecture festival at Yarky, the new St Petersburg space

Project Baltia and art hostel Yarky announce an open international competition to design a summer residential module as part of the first YARKYFEST summer architecture festival.
The five winning projects will be realized at Yarky by August 2nd, 2014.

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At a conference, taking place in Tallinn on April 21-22, architecture’s turn to nature and data will be explored from political and historical perspectives. Keynote speakers are Matthew Gandy and Douglas Spencer from the UK. The conference is organised by the
Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia in cooperation with the Department of Geography, Cambridge University, UK. The event is open to the public.

The only foreigner to take part in the series of architecture talks entitled ‘Genius loci’ (organized by Project Baltia and the ‘Novaya Gollandiya: cultural urbanization’ project) was the Finnish theoretician Juhani Pallasmaa. Russian readers know Pallasmaa from his book ‘The thinking hand. Existential and embodied wisdom in architecture’, which is now a bibliographical rarity. Here Marina Nikiforova talks to Finland’s principal architect-thinker.