YARKYFEST Architecture Festival announced the results of the open international competition for the summer residential unit

YARKY competition winners. Kolybel by LES

The international competition was held in two stages. Within the first stage the expert committee examined more than 100 entries from all over the world including such countries as India, Canada, China, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA, Argentina, the Netherlands and others. Architects and designers under the age of 35 were invited to participate in the competition. More than 30 projects were shortlisted and within the second stage of the competition the international jury selected top five winning projects that are to be constructed during the YARKYFSET Architecture Festival.

Members of the jury:

Marco Casagrande, architect and artist, Finland
Julia Burdova, architect at BuroMoscow
Ludmila Kudryavtseva, CEO at Yarky Hostel & Space
Nikolay Ovchinnikov, derector of Goroda festival (Moscow)
Sergey Padalko, partner at Vitruvio & Sons (St.Petersburg)
Alexey Fisenko, Professor of Moscow Institute of Architecture, Honored Architect of Russia (Moscow)
Vladimir Frolov, Project Baltia magazine, Editor-in-Chief (St.Petersburg)


The five winning projects are:

Cradle (St. Petersburg, LES architecture studio)

Small Doors (Elisaveta Brilliantova, Anton Yar-Skryabin;  St. Petersburg)

Yarky Hostel (Timofey Shapkin, Dgibilov Alan;  Moscow)

Camera House (NEON studio, London)

FUNGI HOUSE (Miguel Carro, Hugo Rial; Madrid)

The jury has also decided to give an honorable mention to four projects that were estimated rather high.

The following works were awarded:

For two (Marina Bukina; Moscow)

The Peeking Hut (Eliza Biała, Piotr Baszyński; Warsaw – Shanghai)

Unfolding Logic of Dreams (Joshua McVey; Chicago)

The House with the chandelier (LES, St.Petersburg) 


Five residential units will be built by the participants of the festival at the territory of YARKY Hostel & Space together with professional constructors. After the festival the units will stay in use.

Venue: YARKY Hostel & Space (pr. Engelsa, 1, 3, 5).

Organizers of the festival:  Project Baltia magazine and Yarky Hostel & Space. 

Apart from building process within the frame of the festival organizers will hold a theatre and architecture workshop, curated by Marco Casagrande and theater director Maxim Didenko (St. Petersburg), lecturing program and other events. 

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