The smartest city in the world

In October 2017 the High North Centre for Business and Governance at Nord University Business School organized a tour for Russian businessmen to the north of Norway. The group visiting the town of Bodø was accompanied by Marina Nikiforova, a correspondent for Project Baltia.

Urbanization which isolates


In Tallinn the three-part competition to devise a masterplan for the Old Harbour has been won by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA). You can find the abridged version of the article in the Events section of the 30th issue of Project Baltia (theme: ‘Future’). The full version is published here in the magazine’s blog.

Kimmo Lintula: the dogmas have all been defeated

Saint Petersburg | 31.01.2016

The interviews with participants in the Days of Finnish Architecture in St Petersburg festival are published in the new (26th) issue of Project Baltia. Initially, we planned to have five guest speakers from Finland, but Kimmo Lintula of K2S bureau was unable to come. We therefore did not include his answers to our questions in the magazine, but publish them here in our blog, using this as an occasion to announce the next Days of Finnish Architecture, to be held this time in Moscow, in October 2016.

City of public spaces

Saint Petersburg | 14.08.2015

July 15th – August 2nd: Project Baltia held a series of educational events and the exhibition ‘AlterSPb: City of Public Spaces’ at the Hermitage Museum Youth Centre. Here we publish the curator’s manifesto from the exhibition.

Architecture of disintegration

Venice | 20.08.2014

In our blog we publish an essay by Vladimir Frolov on the 14th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. This essay kicks off the 22nd issue of Project Baltia. Purchasing the printed edition will give you the chance to read the most important texts (as chosen by our editorial board) from the catalogues for the Latvian, Russian, and Estonian pavilions at the Venice biennale (authors: Artis Zvirgzdins, Sonja D. Schmid, and Leonhard Lapin).

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At a conference, taking place in Tallinn on April 21-22, architecture’s turn to nature and data will be explored from political and historical perspectives. Keynote speakers are Matthew Gandy and Douglas Spencer from the UK. The conference is organised by the
Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia in cooperation with the Department of Geography, Cambridge University, UK. The event is open to the public.

The only foreigner to take part in the series of architecture talks entitled ‘Genius loci’ (organized by Project Baltia and the ‘Novaya Gollandiya: cultural urbanization’ project) was the Finnish theoretician Juhani Pallasmaa. Russian readers know Pallasmaa from his book ‘The thinking hand. Existential and embodied wisdom in architecture’, which is now a bibliographical rarity. Here Marina Nikiforova talks to Finland’s principal architect-thinker.