St Petersburg and Vilnius in the light of the future

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The 30th issue of the Project Baltia magazine is dedicated to the theme of the future. To discuss the desirable and realistic tomorrows of the two neighbouring cities – St Petersburg and Vilnius – at the Lithuanian Union of Architects, the organizers invited two architects: Yana Golubeva, director of the St Petersburg office of MLA+ St Petersburg and Gilma Teodora Gylytė from DO ARCHITECTS. The works of both can be found in the latest issue of Project Baltia. Yana and Gilma will give their assessments of how they see the transition of St Petersburg and Vilnius from the past to the future and what urban challenges these territories are currently facing, and show possibilities for change, using examples from the practices of MLA+ and DO ARCHITECTS.

The event will be moderated by Vladimir Frolov, Project Baltia’s editor-in-chief, who will introduce us to the content of the latest issue of his magazine. Liutauras Nekrosius, a member of Project Baltia’s editorial board and dean of the architectural faculty of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU), will talk about the Lithuanian contribution to the issue.


The venue:

Lietuvos architektų sąjunga

Kalvarijų g. 1, 09310 Vilnius


Tel.: (8~5) 275 6483
El. paštas


The programme:


Vladimir Frolov. Introductory speech, followed by comments by Liutauras Nekrosius


Yana Golubeva. Reinventing the city

We like the idea of future challenges and future inventions. But the cities we live in in the context of Russia are largely the product of the past – past industrialization, past modernization, past big ideas and grand urban gestures. All this urban fabric is there and is continuously being reproduced. How are we to deal with it? How do we bring our past into our future, adapt, upgrade, rethink…

In her lecture Yana will demonstrate the approach taken by MLA+ to urban strategic planning and master-planning. She will show projects in the context of St Petersburg and will reflect on the larger philosophical issues behind them.


Gilma Teodora Gylytė. The sense of place

The future allows us to believe that our dreams and ideas could be our next currency. Lately, we have again started to value our time, to pursue meaning in what we do, and to search for quality and inspiration in our relations and surroundings. More and more we evaluate our environment by how we feel in it, what atmosphere it inspires, and what social interaction it brings.

Gilma will present recent and current DO ARCHITECTS projects in the light of transformation of existing structures, which remarkably change peoples’ habits, inspire alternative uses, and create distinctive sense of place.


Aleksander Siid (SAROS). Lighting solutions: from idea to realization




Yana Golubeva is an architect and urban planner. She is head of international company MLA+ in Russia. The St Petersburg office of MLA+ frequently takes part in architectural competitions and boasts a number of winning entries in its portfolio.


Gilma Teodora Gylytė co-founded DO ARCHITECTS in 2013 after extensive experience in the Netherlands and Germany, as well as working at Paleko ARCH studio in Vilnius. She is a creative leader responsible for a wide range of projects, including awards winning international competitions.


 Project Baltia magazine

PROJECT BALTIA is a professional journal covering architecture, urban planning, and design in North-West Russia, Finland, and the Baltic states. The journal is published in St Petersburg.


 SAROS is an international multidisciplinary group of companies involved in manufacturing and trading with offices located in Estonia, Germany, Russia, and the Ukraine. SAROS has two full-scale manufacturing plants featuring advanced material processing – one in Narva (Estonia), the other in St Petersburg (Russia). SAROS DESIGN has manufacturing plants in Estonia, Germany, and Russia.


Architects Association of Lithuania is a non-governmental, voluntary association (created in 1924) of Lithuanian architects. AAL is granted a status of Arts Creators’ Organization by the State. Uniting approx.. 900 members from different Lithuanian cities and towns, AAL promotes quality architecture through various activities: cultural events (exhibitions, conferences, seminars, discussions, architectural awards), organization of architectural competitions, providing expertise.

AAL represents Lithuanian architects in international organizations such as UIA (International Union of Architects), ACE (Architects’ Council of Europe), BAUA (Baltic Architects’ Unions’ Association)

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